Company Overview & History

Midian Co.,Ltd. manufactures special equipments
that provides a smart world by brings life to the cold
chunks of iron.

These equipments contain Midian's original technology and spirit of innovation, which has been accumulated through long field experience, challenging spirit and precision management.

Through these technological prowess and innovation, Midian has specialized in plastic extrusion machinery such as Breathable film line, Sheet extrusion line, Extrusion laminating line.

And beyond those extrusion machinery, Midian developed equipments of Cell pouch film and Lead tab for secondary battery materials. And Midian becomes the world's first equipment manufacturer that supplies product manufacturing technology, materials and production system as a package by providing the best products and services not only to domestic but also global customers.

Midian believes that challenges and innovations are the motive power behind making excellent equipment, always thinking and practicing from the customer's position, and continues to grow with customers through self-improvement and technology development through constant communication.

Midian will continue to build greater trust with customers through follow-up management, not just providing equipment and systems. Please experience specialty by choosing Midian's equipments.

  • Midian Tech was established in Banwol industrial complex
  • Developed Multi-layer extrusion machine
  • Developed Breathable & Non-breathable film machine
  • Developed Hot melt coating & laminating machine
  • Moved and expanded facilities to Sihwa industrial complex
  • Developed 3,200mm production width Breathable film machine
  • Entered the Turkish, Taiwan and Chinese markets with Breathable film and Laminating
  • Entered the Indian market with Extrusion laminating machine
  • Awarded ‘$1 million Export tower award’
  • Entered the Saudi Arabia, Indian markets with Breathable & Non-breathable machine
  • Awarded ‘$3 million Export tower award’
  • Moved and expanded facilities to Banwol industrial complex
  • Entered global markets with CPE, CPP Multi-layer film machine
  • Developed PC, PMMA Sheet extrusion machine
  • Established Midian Co., Ltd., spin–off Midian Tech in Banwol industrial complex
  • Entered Vietnam market with Breathable & Non-breathable machine
  • Moved and expanded facilities to Hwaseong bio valley
  • Awarded ‘$5 million Export tower award’
  • Developed Blown film machine for Breathable, Non-breathable and PE films.
  • Developed cell pouch film facility for secondary battery material
  • - Extrusion type, Dry type, Hot melt type
  • Cell pouch film for secondary battery material
  • [Facility+Technology+Material+Production system] Global package marketing